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Seri Gadget Impianku : Camera Digital (part 2b)

Nikon Coolpix S210

melanjutken postingan sebelumnya, kali ini aku coba ngumpulin referensi tentang camdig Nikon yang seri Coolpix S210, karena bentuknya asyik.


Sedangkan Specnya sbb :

  • Ultra-slim 18mm aluminum body
  • Precision 38 to 114mm (35mm format equivalent) 3x optical Zoom-NIKKOR lens
  • Large, bright 2.5-inch LCD monitor with wide viewing angle
  • Electronic VR image stabilization for clearer, sharper results
  • ISO 2000 capability enables faster shutter speeds and better exposure in lower light
  • Face-priority AF can detect a human face to provide sharp focus automatically
  • In-Camera Red-Eye Fix detects, then corrects for the red-eye effect sometimes caused by flash
  • D-Lighting corrects images compromised by insufficient flash or excessive back light


Kalo di kotaku (semarang) kisaran harganya ada pada level 2jutaan (gubrak … mahal bos).


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